To what extent does fear of envy (hassad) control your life? Take the Quiz!

1) Are you very cautious about who you tell the important stuff happening in your life?
A- Always
B- Never
C- Sometimes

2) Do you tend to squeeze in the word “Masha’allah” between the lines of every conversation?
A- Always
B- Never
C- Sometimes

3) When people ask about how you are doing…
A- I usually overshare
B- I tend to keep quiet about stuff
C- I pretend to have more problems than I really do

4) To what extent is social media revealing to your personal life?
A- I post daily pictures of what is going on in my life
B- I only post when it is relevant and I tend to keep my Facebook friends to the minimum (only close friends)
C- I don’t post any photos of myself, my kids, or my personal life.

5) What do you usually do when something tragic happens to you?
A- I don’t really think about it, I assume it is fate
B- I try to make sense of it and sometimes I realize it is because of envy
C- I always assume someone envied me

6- How many evil eye beads do you have at home/in your car?
A- None
B- A few
C- A lot

Mostly As:
You are quite passive towards the idea of envy, you don’t consider it at all and you take everything lightly which could be dangerous at times that require more attention towards the topic. You should start putting more thought into it without letting it control or prevent you from enjoying the great things that you have in life.

Mostly Bs:
You are moderate when it comes to judging situations and people. You aren’t quick to make assumptions about why things happen and you manage to create balance between your fear of envy and your desire to enjoy the pleasures and blessings you have.

Mostly Cs:
You are quick to jump to conclusions and hang all your problems on envy. You overthink before you talk and you aren’t comfortable about sharing personal things, sometimes even with the people closest to you. You need to broaden your horizons and be able to trust more, not too much, but more.

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