Faty – A Rising Star

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Faty, 22 years, realized her musical talent at a young age, "Back in Morocco I used to sing at home all the time and a friend of the family, by coincidence an Egyptian music composer (Tawfik Helmy) encouraged me to take on the singing path", Faty tells us, which she did and soon began to enhance her vocal skills. Tawfik Helmy composed two songs for Faty, which entered several festivals and competitions. "Even though I sand in my home country Morocco, I sand in the Egyptian dialect", she explains, "the Egyptian dialect is the most understood and wide-spread among the Arab world". After reaching success in Morocco with her own songs and production Faty decided to come to Cairo in order to enhance her singing career and exposure.


For the past year Faty has been in Cairo busy filming her first Video Clip, which will be released on all Arab music channels. Furthermore, she is actively singing at the Cairo Opera House and teaching French at a nursery. Currently she is working on her first album and is comparing different offers of music producers.


When asking her where she sees herself in the scene in a few years she modestly replies "I want to be Faty, just Faty, no one else and that people like me the way I am". Listening to her songs her voluptuous voice sings about love, romance and heartache. "I am looking for a production house that allows me to be myself and sing my own songs, I don’t want anyone to enforce decisions on my music", Faty comments. Faty aspires a career that will focus on her singing skill rather than on sex appeal in video clips like many other new starlets, who cover the lack of voice with deep decoltees. "I want to be classical in what I present to the people" she adds. She has been offered a film role before yet declined it after reading her role of an "easy" Franco-Arabe girl. "Besides the type of role I want to focus on singing not acting at all at this stage of my life" she points out.


"I am very grateful to my mother, who supported me the most through my career since I was a child, she even produced my clip and singles", Faty proudly tells. Faty, a computer science graduate, has a big role model that inspired her singing, which is the late singer Zekra. Faty grew up in Casablanca amongst her six brothers and sisters. At this moment Faty wants to stay in Cairo to pursue her dream of being known and respected in the Arab world, "Egypt is the mother of all arts whoever is famous in the Arab world owes it to Egypt". We wish her the best of luck and watch out for her new clip on TV.













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