Fastest Mosques for Taraweeh Prayer! You won’t even feel guilty



We understand that this is a time to be devout. We all wish we had the time to pray for as long as we wanted, but with only 9 hours from Maghrib until Fajr, we are very short on time. So, on days when you can’t afford to pray for 3 out of those 9 hours, here’s a list of mosques that will give you the opportunity to pray Taraweeh without taking too long.


Al Sedeek Mosque, Masaken Sheraton

Al Sedeek Mosque in Sheraton is one of Egypt’s most loved Mosques. Perhaps because of its peacefulness, because it’s comforting, or because khotbet el gom’aa is over in 10 minutes! This Mosque is perfect to pray Taraweeh at because everything is done so quickly.


Al Gezira Club Mosque, Zamalek

Everyone knows Al Gezira Club. It has a relaxing atmosphere, many sports facilities and you’ll almost always find someone you know. What makes it even better is the mosque there, which is pretty quick when it comes to finishing the Taraweeh prayer.


Al Rahma Mosque, Zamalek

Placed in front of Pizza Hut, Al Rahma Mosque is ventilated, and they have quite the record when it comes to Taraweeh prayer. It usually last under one hour!


Fatima Al Sharbatly Mosque, New Cairo

The Sharbatly Mosque in New Cairo is air conditioned, and in the evening, you get a wonderful breeze with loads of outdoor and indoor space with – believe it or not – greenery and a lawn. They’re done with the Taraweeh prayer relatively quickly, too, making everything just so much easier.


Al Farouk Mosque, Al Maadi

One of the oldest mosques in Maadi is Al Farouk Mosque in Al Horreya Square. It’s relatively quiet, you’ve got lots of places to go around you when you’re done, and Taraweeh prayer don’t take too long there.


Al Roshdan Mosque, Nasr City

Al Roshdan Mosque has got a number of halls, which people can rent for events, such as weddings, funerals…etc. In addition to these benefits, you can also pray the Taraweeh really fast there!


Al Sayeda Safeya Mosque, Nasr City

Al Sayeda safeya Mosque is a very crowded mosque, and we all know why. If you’re looking for a quick Taraweeh prayer, this is the place for you.


Al Thawra Mosque, New Cairo

Known as the “Turbo” Mosque amongst Egyptians, you can imagine why. Apparently the Imam is extremely fast and everyone knows it. This mosque is perfect for anyone running late.







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