ExxonMobil Egypt delivers 25 Chevrolet trucks for winners in “Mobil Delvac’s key to the treasure of 100 trucks”… the rest to come

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The company organized a ceremony at Dream Land city to hand over 25 Chevrolet pickup trucks to the winners in the first group of the “100 Chevrolet T-Series trucks” rewards ExxonMobil promised the runner-ups in the contest. Once the names were announced, winners had different reactions. Some of them could not believe and others danced for a long time. Tears of happiness have filled Dream Park garage that turned to a rejoicing arena and eventually every one thankfully kneeled before God.

How did ExxonMobil Egypt change life of winner?

“ExxonMobil changed our life because the reward is livelihood source for us and our sons,” most winners have said that simple and eloquent phrase expressing their feelings toward ExxonMobil Egypt after receiving “Chevrolet Dababah” pickups.
One of the winners said he thanks ExxonMobil Egypt for realizing his dream of being self-employed through the “Chevrolet Dababah” pickup that he won at best time. He was in dire need for it to pay off his debts and educate his brothers after death of their father.
Another winner said that his trust in ExxonMobil Egypt has confirmed seriousness of the contest and its organizers. Such trust had encouraged him to come from the farthest governorate in Upper Egypt with hope to win a car that helps him educate his sons.
A third winner said that happiness of winning the car delivered by ExxonMobil Egypt had compensated his suffering after his car –the livelihood source- was stolen a while ago. He added that winning the pickup truck has compensated him and that “Chevrolet Dababah” is a new livelihood that God has bestowed on him through ExxonMobil.
ExxonMobil Egypt congratulates the winners of the 25 “Chevrolet Dababa” pickups and promises the 75 other pickups during the coming months on the following dates (2/1/2010 – 6/2/2010 – 20/3/2010) respectively. It also affirms that unlucky ones this time can re-join the contest that extends to 20/3/2010.
Anyone can join the contest. All he needs to do is to…
• Buy 1 Mobil Delvac MX 5 liter / 1 Mobil Delvac MX 20 liter or 2 “Mobil Delvac 1340” 5 liters / “Mobil Delvac 1340” 20 liters.
• Cut the front side of the pack with the front label.
• Answer the three questions about the brand.
• Send the answers together with the sticker to P.O. Box 333, Mohamed Farid St.
• Dial the free number 08002333333 from any landline to inquire about any related information.
ExxonMobil Egypt has chosen the best selling Chevrolet pickup truck to be the prize, as it is parallel to the level of its high quality Mobil Delvac MX and Mobil Delvac 1340 products, which lengthen engine lifespan. In addition, cooperation with Mansour Chevrolet Group guarantees the best after-sales service for these vehicles.

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