Explore Dahab Like Never Before

Whether you have been to Dahab before or you are up for a new adventure, here is all you need to know. This is a guide of what exactly you can do in Dahab. Remember; Dahab is an exciting place to be, everyone is smiling here. You can feel the good vibes just walking around the city. Here’s what everyone is smiling about!

 Scuba Diving:

Whether you have experience or not, the scuba instructors in Dahab will make it easy for you to learn in the most comfortable and safe ways. You can do a “fun” guided dive, or start getting certified. There are some spectacular dive sites in Dahab, which are rated among the best scuba diving destinations worldwide.

Recommendation: Scuba Seekers Diving Center.

Free Diving:

A totally different dimension, you will learn how to get comfortable swimming underwater depending on your breath, it is all about relaxation and simply enjoying being a fish, you can always try a fun freediving session and get to experience how to let go and just be.

Recommendation: Dahab Freedivers Center.


So many colored corals and lots of different colored fish are out there for you to see, all you need is a mask and snorkel and you could spend hours and hours of exploring Dahab’s beautiful reefs.

Recommendation: Eel Garden and Lighthouse

Wind and Kite Surfing:

There are some spots that are windy enough to get you on the board and start riding those waters. Whether you are into wind surfing or kite surfing, Dahab is the right spot for you. And if you want to learn, there are several centers to guide you with that.

Boat Day Trips:

Gather your friends or even make new friends by joining a daily boat trip that takes you to beautiful offshore destinations. You can enjoy swimming in the crystal clear waters, have a good meal and head back by sunset.

Recommendation: Gabr Elbent Site.


Kayaking and SUP:

When it is not windy, the water turns into one big pool. That is a perfect opportunity for kayaking, or Stand Up Paddling. Enjoy the sceneries while in the water.

Search for the transparent kayaks, they’re truly one of a kind.

Recommendation: Red Sea Relax Resort.

 Sunrise and Sunset Hikes:

Mountains, sea, beautiful weather, and desert! An easy access walk to the mountains by the sea, and a very easy small hike separates you from a beautiful sunrise/sunset encounter overlooking all of Dahab.

Rock Climbing:

Professional rock-climbing activities are happening here! With different tracks and areas, accommodating all levels. Whether a beginner or professional, Dahab is the right place for you.

Recommendation: Wadi Gnai


If you are a foodie, get ready, you have a lot of tummy to fill. Dahab, being a hub for many expats, offers a myriad of cuisines; Italian, Russian, Vegan, Chinese, Indian, and Egyptian of course. On the other hand, there is a Friday market that offers homemade foods as well, coming from all over the world! If you think you have something to offer others to try, you book a spot in the Friday market and you share it with everyone.

Recommendation: Red Cat, Athanor, Chinese Express, Dai Pascatori, King Chicken and Namaste.

White and Colored Canyon Day Trips:

A unique experience, where you spend a day exploring different canyons. It is breathtaking just walking there, a wonderful chance to connect with nature and enjoy the silence out of the city.

Recommendations: insight seekers.

Dinner in the Mountain:

Bedouin dinner, bonfire, stargazing, and random walks in between the mountain. Need I say more?

Recommendations: Barracuda Adventures.

Yoga by the Beach

If you are into yoga, there are daily classes happening in studios overlooking the sea. So, yoga with a view, why not!

Recommendation: The Coffee Wheel Rooftop, Rouh, and Nour.

 A Night at the Blue Lagoon:

You haven’t visited Dahab if you haven’t been to the Blue Lagoon. It is one the most breathtaking spots in Egypt. You get into a taxi that takes you to the Blue Hole. Then you take a small boat that will drop you at Abu Galom. From there you’ll get into another taxi truck that will drive you to the Blue Lagoon with its magical sceneries. (all the rides take around 30-45 mins).

 A Day by the Lagoona:

As raw and simple as it gets, you take your music, munchies and drinks for the day, head to the Lagoona and enjoy a nice beach overlooking a huge lagoon with the mountains in the background.


Visit the market in Mashraba and the promenade by the sea. Pay attention to the funny signs, Dahab-unique outfits, herbs… and all that which gives you a taste of Dahab as you walk there.


Khaled El Gammal has always been a Dahab visitor since he was young, but recently he decided to drop everything he was attached to in Cairo and move to Dahab. Dahab welcomed him and treated him well. He made it there to enhance his skills as a free diver. He has been progressing enough that he decided to be a Free-diving Instructor. Now he tries to spread that joy as much as he can.


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