Ever felt A Twinge of Guilt after a Babyliss Session? Do you want to Experiment with Funky Hair Colors without worrying about the Damage? Dove is here to make sure Nothing Stops you!

Straight, curly, layered, pulled back in a sleek ponytail, buzz cut, or even pink! Hair is usually one of women’s favorite body parts. Why wouldn’t it be? When it’s a fabulous medium for our self-expression. Every time you decide on a new hairstyle, you are expressing yourself through your locks.


Whatever we go through in our lives reflects on our hair. Most women tend to do something crazy with their hair when they are going through a rough patch in their lives, or even to break the routine and add some spontaneity to their everyday life; blue hair? Yes please. Purple streaks? Why not! One of the most exciting things in life is leaving the hair salon after a complete makeover and feeling like an entirely new person. We do not only do this for sentimental reasons, but also for practicality. A woman might cut her hair extremely short in order to save time during their morning routine, or to stay cool during the summertime!


Sadly, constantly changing our hair always comes with an unwanted side order of damage. Dye, bleach, and heat are all harsh ingredients which dry out our hair and cause unwanted damage to it. This is, understandably, one of our biggest fears. No one wants the beauty and luster of their hair stripped away. And this is where Dove comes in, with their movement #Matkhalish_Haga_Twa2afik, and their creamy, moisturizing, nourishing shampoo and conditioners. If there is anything Dove wants, it is to empower women to embrace how they choose to self-express through their hair.


That is why Dove has partnered with many fabulous influencers, including icons such as Farah Emara, Doaa El Sebaay, Dina Shaaban, Malak El Ezzawi, Ranin El Gaby and more, on this magnificent, empowering campaign. The campaign explored the ladies’ hair makeover fantasies.


So next time you find yourself itching to get those cute box braids you have always wanted, or the unicorn hair you have saved from Instagram months ago, remember that you have Dove Shampoo & conditioners at your disposal and #Matkhalish_Haga_Twa2afik.

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