Etiquette of Professional Communication

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What is meant by Communication?

  • Communication is a process of sending or exchanging information from one person to another
  • Communication is perceptual but information is factual
  • Communication is tailored and patterned but information is specific
  • Communication is interpersonal but information is impersonal
  • Communication is either one way or two ways
  • One way communication is when you receive a late feedback
  • Two way communication is where interaction and reaction take place and immediate feedback
  • To communicate effectively, you will find, it is not your aptitude, but it is your attitude, which determines your altitude
  • For successful positive communication, use more than one mean of communication to influence more than one human sense
  • Expressive communication is more effective than impressive communication


Three Rules in Communication

Rule One:

Anything will and can convey a message

Rule Two:

Personality of the sender and receiver that determines what message means

Rule Three:

Prevailing culture conveys itself


Process of Communication

·        Receiver passes a message

·        While passing it, it is encoded

·        This message is passed through a medium

·        Where it is decoded

·        The receiver, then turns to be a sender

·        The same cycle again takes place


Setting an Objective for Successful Communication

Your objective has to be SMART

Simple and Serious




T-Time Action Plan


Communication takes different Forms

  • Communicate Verbal
  • Communicate Non-Verbal/Body Language
  • Communicate in Writing
  • Communicate in Signs


What if Communication is Positive?

  • Less stress
  • More achievements
  • Better networking
  • Time and cost are cut to the minimum
  • Turn to be creative
  • Better job opportunities
  • More experience
  • Problem solver
  • Self acceptance
  • People acceptance
  • Healthy work and domestic environment
  • Dynamic personality


What if Communication is Negative?

  • More stress
  • Less achievements
  • Over cost and time
  • Less networking
  • Bureaucratic
  • Less job opportunities
  • Frustration
  • Devaluating to yourself and others
  • Static personality


How to Communicate Effectively

·        Set your objective

·        Split it to goals

·        Avoid making it a wish

·        Measure your abilities and surrounded capabilities

·        Be ready with contingency plans

·        Chose right people to cooperate with you

·        Know your time robbers

·        Avoid procrastination

·        Work with parallel objectives to feel achievements

·        Never to say, it is not my day, but say, it is my learning day

·        Measure your winning status by the minimum human loss

·        Be always ready with solutions and alternatives

·        Measure reasons of success not motives of failure for self enhancement

·        Do not forget the risk factors

·        Avoid jumping into conclusions

·        Avoid stereo typing

·        Avoid building on assumptions and expectations

·        Speak concrete not abstract

·        Phrase and rephrase to clarify

·        Be an active listener

·        Listen and do not just hear

·        Double check your understanding

·        Do not assume that your message is delivered

·        Use the same language of receiver

·        Mind age, gender and culture of your receiver

·        Avoid cut offs

·        Be open to opponents

·        Do not outshine your master

·        Be a broad minded not narrow minded

·        Respect others opinions

·        Mind value, attitudes and principles of others

·        Do not build on convention of meaning

·        Avoid inner self interpretation

·        Wait or ask for a feedback

·        Do not communicate and build on manipulation

·        Do not be an offensive or aggressive communicator

·        Avoid also being a submissive or passive communicator

·        Be an assertive one

·        Speak in confidence to be persuasive, positive, powerful and precise

·        Avoid silent conversation

·        Communicate without giving a bad mouthing about others

·        Communicate without blaming nor comparing

·        Communicate without demonstrating authority of position or money


Function positive body language, facial gesture and keep an open posture, to be an easy person to send and receive effective message.

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