Etiquette of Ms/Mr. Manners

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Is Etiquette a subject and science for ladies only? Sure it is not. It is for all human beings. It is a human science, no matter of gender, age, religion or nationality. It is a human science, addressing people to behave in a relevant level to meet humanity expectations and needs.


Ms. Manners please … Get to know that …


  • A lady is never heard nor touched; she is only felt and smelt. Her presence is felt, not physically felt, and smelt, but not to be over perfumed, but to be clean and tidy.
  • For a lady, top of elegance is in the top of simplicity, so do not be over accessorized, as this reflects, how shallow you are.
  • Giggling is a taboo, if you feel like laughing, laugh sincerely and honestly, but giggling arouses the temper of your people around, and you come under their skin.
  • Gossiping is a behavioral deformity and weakness; speak, if needed,yet minimize your talk. Do not give bad mouthing about others. Listen not only hear, when speaking, be precise, persuasive, positive and powerful. Being chatty, pushes you to the gap of gossiping.
  • Take two, before you talk and act. Just give yourself a chance to think of all the W-Questions, before you act or talk.
  • Walk and keep your shoulders up, chin parallel to the ground, knees stretched, legs closed, waste up, add bonus to your step, avoid scratching foot to the ground, this reflects a Lady Diana style of posture.
  • When greeting, stand up, for man and women, old and young, as if you do not rise to the situation, you will sink with it.
  • Adjust your voice volume, upon the place and number of people you are addressing, too high is too vulgar, and too low is irritating.
  • Function a positive and chest voice tone and pitches, inhale, and fill your lungs, then speak while exhaling, as to function your respiratory system with the vocal chords.
  • Avoid vocal pauses and nods “Ah… Yh ….. Un…… Fine ….. Ok ….. Oki Doki etc.
  • Avoid slang, sloppy language and swearing, as it weakens your conversation and your audience loses interes.
  • Compose your body language and facial gestures, but do not be like a robot.
  • Avoid at the work place wearing sandals and flat shoes, wear classical shoes, with hosieries, in Winter, it has to mix and match with the outfit, and in Summer, it has to be tan color with any outfit.
  • Take care of polishing your shoes and keeping it well maintained, and no running in your hosieries; briefly be impeccably groomed.
  • Never scream nor shout, compose your anger, and avoid any impulsive reactions.
  • Keep business talk in business, and personal talk is personal.
  • Avoid using profanities, actions counts not intentions.
  • Do not outshine your master at home, you are the Queen, but respect the King.
  • Speak and present your ideas in a logical sequence and be open to opponents and other ideas.


Mr. Manners … If you want your lady to be Ms Manners … Please follow:


·         Avoid emotional manipulation.

·         Put yourself in her shoes, as to be able to empathize not enough to sympathize.

·         Honesty is the only tool to implement domestic security.

·         Sharing is the Know How for your lady to apply upon your needed and expected standards.

·         Coach and train your lady softly and gently.

·         Do not criticize your lady in public.

·         Never to blame her, without making a moment of discovery with yourself as sure everything is a chain reaction.

·         Keep her secrets as for her to keep yours.

·         Why not for you to act and give her the credit of success.

·         Do not belittle her.

·         Try to second her word.

·         Enhance her self esteem.

·         Build with her an ongoing human rapport.

·         Speak love, not enough to act to prove love.

·         Delegate responsibilities to your lady, as this reflects trust.

·         Be generous in showing emotions, love and care, reveal and do not conceal, this adds you power and never weakens you.

·         Speak your worries and pains to your ladies, do not act as a superman.

·         Take care of your appearance, weight, and be also impeccably groomed, as if you want her a lady style, you have to be a gentleman style, no tummy, and shave daily, even on your weekend, please do it for her.

·         If you want your lady to be your Queen, let her feel, that your are her King, a King, is doing the Right Thing not Things Right.

·         Compose your words, and do not humiliate neither your lady nor anybody.

·         Speak in a manly voice tone, pitches and volume, this does not mean that you do have to be a hooligan.

·         Be your lady’s tutor; this needs tolerance and patience and never compare her with any other lady.

·         Mr. Manners, security is manhood action, be source of stability and security and never betray.

·         To be courageous and brave needs from you to act in a civilized manner not in a barbarous behavior.

·         Be a role model for elegance and fineness, sure consequently you will get then a lady style Ms Manners.

·         Promise the minimum and achieve the maximum.

·         Keep her posted with your hidden agenda and unseen scenarios, let your lady feel that she is a real partner.

·         Do not forget to cuddle and pamper your lady.


To be Ms and Mr. Manners, is an easy mission, but if there is a will there is a way. Create the will to find the way.




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