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One night 9 years ago I was driving down a dark unlit road in Detroit. It was the middle of summer, a hot night, one of those nights when you roll down the windows of your car and turn the radio up and get lost in the road. It was one of those nights when the events of the last couple weeks weigh heavily on your mind to the point you don’t even care where your driving, as long as it isn’t to your house, so you just drive and get lost in your thoughts. That night I was the night I discovered one of the greatest songs ever recorded thanks to my local radio station. On the radio was the sultry, seductive and haunting voice of Sade. The moment couldn’t have been better. “Ordinary Love” was the name of the song playing and I couldn’t wait to buy the whole album and discover more about the artist and more about this amazing sound that was like candy to my ears and soup for my soul. I had always been a fan of music, it was actually of passion of mine being a musician and singer, but something about that song changed my outlook on how I listened to music and made me realize that there is actually a song for every situation and every moment in your life, those songs I refer to as “Ear Candy”. It is officially summer and for those lost in the road, relaxing at the beach, or stuck in Cairo traffic, here are my “Ear Candy” picks to help complete your soundtrack to your summer. Uncle Kracker and Kid Rock – “Damn It Feels Good To Be Me” This song is definitely on my Top 10 list of the summer if not just for lyrical content alone. This song is one to sit back in a lounger with a cold drink in your hand, toes in the water and a smile on your face surrounded by people you love. I am not sure what the “Crazy-Happy Disease” is Uncle Kracker sings about but hopefully we all catch it and pass it along to others. Rill Rill – “Sleigh Bells” Weird could be an understatement for this track, but I can’t stop listening to it. It just makes me happy and it reminds me of a road trip I took with friends to the beach. I had to do a little research on this band after introduced to them by a friend, and overall I am impressed. Their debut album is called “Treats” and since I call music I love “Ear Candy”, it all coincides. Jay-Z and Mr. Hudson – “Young Forever” The “Blue Print 3” album is a gift that keeps on giving. Jay teamed up with UK rocker Mr. Hudson and added a tight sample of the 80’s hit “Forever Young” from “Alphaville”. This song makes you not only never want to grow up, but never let your summer end. James Otto – “Groovy Little Summer Song” The title of the song pretty much says it all. Groove on Country Music Lovers. Keri Hilson – “I Like” Every time I have heard this song it has been on a Friday night getting ready to go out with the girls and tear up the dance floor somewhere in Cairo. Keri, this one “I Like”. Usher Featuring Will.I.AM – “OMG” This song makes you want to be the girl that makes Usher say “OMG”! My official party anthem of the summer. Put it on repeat, and get the girls to sing-a-long this song is pop pop poppin! Make sure to catch “After Dark” with Erin every Sunday through Wednesday from 10pm to Midnight on 104.2 NILE FM. It is the best way to relax and un-wind after a hard long day at work or school. “After Dark” is nothing but two hours of the best slow jams, love songs, love dedications, and topics to engage the mind. Relax and Un-Wind with Erin on Cairo’s #1 104.2 NILE FM Weeknights!

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