Enjoy! Life after divorce

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Until when are we going to stick to those deeply rooted societal beliefs about divorced women? Do you believe that according to a recent survey by worldpublicopinion.org, the majority of Egyptians divorced women are treated poorly compared to women in other countries!!
Unfortunately, it’s still common in Egypt that female divorcees are the one to be blamed for a divorce, as they’re always expected to devote themselves to protect their family’s stability and harmony, scarify their lives in every aspect as if they’re not human beings!! In our society, a lot of women continue to live in a miserable marriage for the reason that we still have such old prospects… “a woman being with a useless husband is better than living alone”…”del ragel” as they would say.
Well that’s enough!! Enough adopting old traditional views!! We should realize that today is way different than earlier times, especially as divorce rate is on the rise. Egyptian women’s status has totally changed. They now have education and, more importantly, employment – which leads to their financial independence – makes them more willing to accept divorce rather than live an unhappy life, but the bad news is; most of Egyptian women aren’t aware of that. Once a woman gets a divorce, she tends to go into hiding! She hides from her friends, relatives and the whole community. She stops going out especially to public places in order to save herself annoying questions and the looks from people around her.
Listen carefully ladies! It’s all about you, not people and if it matters to you a lot, well it’s about time to work on yourself and your personal growth so that people would think highly of you. There is no point of crying … be happy… that irritating spouse is gone! Certainly divorce hurts, and I would never try to minimize its destructive force and painful feelings of self-pity, depression, grief and regret. These emotions are all natural states that you need to experience but beware these are all toxic emotions. You just need to work through them and then release them because they will weigh you down for the rest of your life. If you don’t wear a positive mental attitude then life would be tough.
Try to accept the reality that you are divorced as it’s an important part of the divorce recovery process. Have the courage and the willingness to let go of the life that you used to have …a life that no longer exists! Without that acceptance, you cannot move forward and create a new life. It just takes time and a good deal of inner work, trust me it can be done.
Start from scratch and build a life that you always wanted for yourself. Life after divorce could be a new start for you! In fact, a lot of women find talents they never knew they had or try things they never dreamed of trying after being divorced!

Set goals that you’ve always had but never attained and implement a plan to achieve those goals. Implement each plan and be happy (in fact celebrate) once you’ve reached your goals. Your life after divorce will be markedly better and healthier

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