Engy Wegdan:“Beauty is about embracing your uniqueness, and loving yourself the way you are.”

Translated By: Farah Ahmed

Twelve years ago, Engy Wegdan was the young, aspiring actress who graced our screens with the hilarious and sweet Dalia in “Tamer W Shaw2eya”. It didn’t stop there.No one can ever forget her hysterically funny role as Arwah in “H Dabbour” when she completely ruined the English language for everyone. Engy clearly has a genuine comedian gene, proving that comedy is definitely for girls. We sat with the fabulous actress to talk about her breakthrough role on the hit show “Tel3et Roohi”, and she might have had a piece of advice or two for young girls.

For all “Drop Dead Diva” fans, Engy has brought to you the equally funny and charming Egyptian version to your screens. Speaking about her character in “Tel3et Roohi”, “I have always been a “Drop Dead Diva” fan. I love the powerful message behind the show, which is: accepting your inner beauty, and working towards loving yourself. This is something I truly believe in, and try to say to the world,” she says. Clearly, accepting Alia’s role was not a hard decision for Engy. “Alia is a fun, intelligent and beautiful girl; it’s hard not to fall in love with her. I can say that this role has allowed the inner actor in me to come out.Playing two characters is always challenging,” she says. This show is the great definition of embracing, and loving, yourself no matter what state you are in. “Alia has gone through a drastic transformation: she was a model and turned into a chubby lawyer. However, she learned to love herself –andthis is the most important pillar in self-confidence.That’s why I love this character so much,” she says.  Like Engy, we are big believers that beauty lies in being confident and unique. “Beauty is about embracing your uniqueness, and loving yourself the way you are,” she says.

Unfortunately, in show-business filmmakers place plus-size actresses in comedy roles to get as much laughs as possible. However, Engy tried to break this stereotype through the roles she presents. “Unfortunately, most directors resort to placing the chubby girl in comedy roles, or the handsome guy in romance. I love being a comedian, but I try to pull myself out of the plus-size stereotype by carefully picking my roles. Dalia from “Tamer W Shaw2eya” was strong proof that every plus-size girl can fall in love, and have a mountain of guys after her heart,” she says.

Being the supermama that she is we had to ask her about balancing between her hectic schedule and motherhood. “Working in the film industry is very challenging.Constantly being in the spotlight is not the greatest thing. It’s not easy balancing between work and home, but I never allowed both to clash,” she says.

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