Eman Naguib’s secrets for picture perfect food and mouth-watering Molokhia

Everyone’s favorite budding foodie, Eman Naguib doesn’t just cook amazing food, she has the ability to make it look absolutely fantastic too. So we quizzed her to find out how we can make the most appealing, most delicious dishes this Ramadan!

What is your favourite traditional Ramadan dish to make?

What are your tips for making the perfect Molokhia?
You have to be careful through the process not to boil it. And the Ta2leya has to be really hot, so when you put it on the Molokhia it makes a tshhhhh sound.

What is the perfect tasty refreshing drink to make?

There are so many bring-a-dish events during Ramadan, what are your tips for making food look amazing to wow your friends and family?
You need to make the perfect balance of colors. So you don’t put orange with red, instead use contrasting colors. You also need to pay attention to precision, it is all about the little details.

What is the number one spice, every kitchen should have?
In every Egyptian kitchen, you need cumin!

What is the best accompanier for appetizers?
Honey Mustard dip is the nicest to make.

What is the number one show-stopper dessert that you would bring to an iftar party?
Atayef with dates, although no one makes it as good as my mother does.

What is the one ingredient that your kitchen never goes without?
Definitely butter. It is the number one ingredient as you use it in desserts and in everything really.

Check out her Instagram at @emannaguibs to find pictures of food fit for kings!

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