Elvive Rocks the Hair Community with their All-New Low Shampoo Launch!

After the announcement of their new Elvive Low Shampoo, L’Oreal meticulously planned and executed a fabulous event, fit for such a fabulous product! The all-new L’Oreal Elvive Low Shampoo is the product of our dreams, as it gently cleanses and nourishes dry, damaged hair, returning it to its shiny, bouncy old self. The shampoo is extremely creamy, with no sulfate, foam or paraben. Thus, granting you silky smooth cleansing action, while simultaneously moisturizing and detangling the hair. It is perfect for curly hair, as well as dry, damaged locks whether it be due to heat, hair dye or even bleach. It is also a 3-in-1 shampoo, which means it acts as a shampoo, conditioner and hair mask all at once!

With this in mind, L’Oreal organized a festive launch event which brought together members of some of the most popular online groups, as well as ambassadors, online media, influencers and members of the public.

The event, which took place on Saturday, November 17th and was held at the gorgeous Villa Belle Epoque in Maadi, had a full schedule ahead; an entire day was planned for the very special guests.

The affair started at 3 PM with a brief introduction, followed by an ice-breaking activity. Then, at 4 PM, Cairo’s fiercest hair experts started the workshops and tutorial on how to use the product. The lineup of speakers included Ahmed Samir, Educational Manager at L’Oreal; Christina Youssef, Elvive Brand Manager; Salma Mohamed, Team Member at The Curly Studio; Dina Ghalwash, Founder of the first curly hair blog in Egypt ‘Curly Talks’; and Dr. Laila El Galaly, Dermatologist. The incredibly informative workshops included discussions about causes for hair damage and how to take extra care of your hair, medical advice on hair loss and the kind of nutrition which motivates hair growth, ways to protect hair using Elvive Low Shampoo, and finally, tips and tricks for natural hair and various natural hairstyles.

Finally, the audience got to really explore their hair in a discussion session titled “What Does my Hair Think?” which explored what could be going on during each and every single hair journey of theirs.

Such a fun, informative, and fabulous day had to end on a happy note. And what could be better than the serenading tunes of violinist Mina Younan, who at the end of the event at 7 PM provided the perfect conclusion for the day with his bow and strings.

One can say L’Oreal truly knows how to throw a party! The event not only introduced Cairo’s hair experts and enthusiasts to the Elvive Low Shampoo, which is bound to save their locks, but also brought together like-minded people, and helped start serious conversations about the future of hair care.

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