Egypt’s Hidden Heavens

Traveling to new countries is great, but it’s not the only way to experience something new. You would be surprised to know the number of places that you never knew existed in Egypt. Some of them are so untainted by the big city life; they are like little pieces of heaven. Here are our absolute favorite Egyptian destinations.


Sobek Eco Lodges, Fayoum:

Fayoum is often overlooked as a vacation spot. This couldn’t be more unfair. Fayoum is only two hours away from Cairo, which makes it an even more reasonable destination. Sobek itself has a very interesting history. The village was started when Egyptian poet Sayed Hegab fell in love with the location. He built a house and a pottery workshop there. This was only the beginning, and more houses were built around the area. Thepottery workshops are still functional and visitors can take classes there.

A vacation at Sobek is a nice break from the city. The rooms are surrounded with pleasant scenery of green fields. In addition, their home-cooked renditions of Egyptian food are to die for.

There are entertainment options aplenty, as well. Camel and horseback riding, tracking, yoga and bird-watching are all available. Safari at the Mushroom Desert, Qaroon Lake and Wadi El Rayan are great options for those who prefer hiking. Little luxuries like Free WiFi and private parking are also available, making this one of our favorite relaxing spots.

AdrereAmellal, Siwa Oasis:

AdrereAmellal will make you feel like you just traveled through time. The enchanting place looks like a history book illustration. Situated in the beautiful Siwa Oasis, the hotel contains 40 hand-built desert rooms. Each of these rooms is completely unique and different from the next. Keep in mind that the place has no electricity. So, lighting there is provided via candles and starry skies.Walking and dining in the desert are two of the best things one could do there. There are also the pure waters of the Oasis and the option of horseback riding for the more adventurous. Dining at the AdrereAmellal is an experience in and of itself. All the ingredients are harvested from around the area. Therefore, it is all organic. While lunch is served poolside, dinners are always served in different locations.

Blue Lagoon

This piece of paradise is only half an hour away from Ras Abu Galum. The perfectly clear blue waters are great for swimming and snorkeling. If you are into wildlife, you will be amazed. Fish swim near the shore and glisten in the water. And if you are lucky, you can spot dolphins!The huts have a great view, but if you would like to, you can sleep outside on the beach itself.Bedouin food, clear skies and a beach unlike any other, you will definitely want to go back to Blue Lagoon.

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