Egypt’s First Tattoo Expo

Egypt finally gets its tattoo treatment! This weekend, Egypt’s very first tattoo expo took place at Nowhere Land tattoo parlor. Different tattoo artists from all over the country demonstrated their work to spectators.

The expo is a recurring event, which takes place all over the world, but it is the first of its kind in Egypt. The tattoo artists who were present were Timur Reda and Mary from True Skin Art, Big Otta, Orne Gill from Nowhere Land and Bigg Triggz from Alexandria.

The expo spanned over two days (the 19th and the 20th of December), and went on from 1pm to 11pm. Needless to say, the artists were swamped with tattoo appointments.

At any given moment, at least one tattoo job was taking place. At some point even four were taking place at once! Each artist has their own styles and their customers knew that. And even if you were not a tattoo enthusiast, the diversity of the art which was present during the expo (spanning from calligraphy to geometry and from old school to new school styles) was extremely fun to watch.

If you didn’t get the chance to go there, you can still contact the artists and book an appointment.

Check out the links to their pages below:

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