Egypt’s Economy just got Kicked in the Nuts, Literally! Presidential Decree Increases Taxes on… Everything

Recently, we’ve been worrying and stressing about the news floating around that a decision will be made by the Egyptian government to stop the import and/or increase the customs of anything it deems “recreational goods”. Of course, knowing our own government, recreational is a word that could get thrown around all the time, about anything! Needless to say, we were right to be concerned.

Today, news surfaced regarding the topic that confirmed our fears and left us a sobbing mess. It’s true, a presidential decree to increase the taxes on “some” recreational imported goods. Little did we know, when the government says some, it means all, and when it says recreational, it means everything. Here are a few examples of the things our government has deemed “recreational”.


Fruit and Nuts!


Pineapples, Avocado, Fresh (and dried) Grapes, Apples, Pears, Plums, Kiwi, Sugarcane and Peaches will all now have varying tax increase that ranges between 20 to 40%. This is not all, cashews, walnuts, almonds, pistachios and chestnuts will also receive an increase of 20%.


Your Pet’s Food


If you are a pet owner, we are so, so sorry. A hefty increase in your pet’s allowance is due! Cat and dog food will get an increase of 40%! Isn’t food vital? Since when is that recreational? We suppose in that case your pets, whom you might consider to be family members, are the recreational part here.



no deodorant

Okay, so maybe this one really seems recreational at first, but can you imagine living without the following: perfumes, deodorants, lipstick, all cosmetics and tooth care products and shaving products? Nope! We’re already suffering from major BO problems, and that without the uncalled for increase in deodorant prices!


Your Razor


With a 40% increase on any devices to cut, remove, or shave hair, you will have to go au natural! At least it’ll be an excuse for men to not shave their beards and for women to not shave their legs.


Clothes and Underwear


Who needs clothes, right? Suits, socks, scarves, ties, and ski outfits (what?!) have all gotten an increase of 40%. Same goes for bras, corsets, ski shoes (again, what?!), natural leather-soled shoes and hats and its accessories. Sure, bras and ski supplies are on the same level of importance.


Your Comfort


Yes, your comfort is a luxury. Air conditioners, refrigerators and home cooling devices, water coolers, water heaters, dry cleaners, coffee makers, tea brewers and toasters will all receive a tax increase. If you want hot showers, strong coffee and crunchy toast, you’ll have to pay for them… and then pay some more.


Anything you Might Lose 


Pens, pencils, pen sets and lighters all got a tax increase of 40%. This will teach us to hold onto them as long as we can and never lose those items again!


If you don’t think this is ridiculous enough, the list also includes chandeliers and light fixtures, office and garden furniture, decoders and receivers, LCD TVs, radios, and CD players, kitchen machines 10kg or less, canes and whips (we don’t even know what to say about that), wigs, quilts, sheets, towels, mops, notebooks postcards and photographs, wallpaper, faux fur, wooden frames and kitchenware, animal harnesses, dog supplies such as leashes and mouth covers, cutleries, kitchenware, doors and their supplies such as frames, doorsteps, windows and curtains.


All of the above, Egypt’s government seems to believe are accessories we can all go without. We’ll let you be the judge of that.

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