Egyptian Post Office dedicates a postal stamp to the late legend Nour El-Sherif

One of 2015’s major pains was the loss of legendary actor Nour El-Sherif to long-term illness. After an extensive journey impacting both the big and small screen, Nour El-Sherif died at age 69, leaving behind a mourning nation. And ever since, every occasion has been a reason to remember his greatness, an opportunity to honor him for the quality of art he has given us all throughout the years, a reminder that he might be dead but his work will continue to live until the end of time.

In honor of his memory, the Egyptian Post Office has dedicated a postal stamp to Nour El-Sherif, and we thank them for such a great gesture. It is authentic, it is iconic, it is nostalgic, and we couldn’t think of a more deserving legend.

Until his last days, Nour El-Sherif gave the Egyptian Cinema his all, with his extraordinary roles and veracious choices, leaving us with nothing but complete gratitude towards this genius actor. And whilst we wish him an eternity of peace, we will never forget his influential roles that contributed much to our Film and Television history.

“ElHag-Metwally”, “The Yacoubian Building”, “The Disappearance of Gaafar El-Masry and Destiny”, “The Palace of Desire”, “I will not live in my father’s robe” and many others, are all great works starring Sherif. These works have not only influenced the generations that were present at the time, but rather have created a legacy to be passed down to future generations.

Yes, we barely have National awards that glorify our prominent figures, and those we do have are no Oscars. Despite that, there is always a way to gratify those who have given our country, culture, and history so much. Because it is the legends, the incredible talents, and the creative leaders who best represent us. There is always a way in which we can remind ourselves of who we truly are. There is always a way to eternalize great people. And this little gesture is one of the best ways to do so!

Even though people no longer frequently use letters nor stamps, it is things like this that might just make them put down their phones and write instead of text. Things with such a sense of identity and authenticity.

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