Egyptian Pokemon Hunt! If we had to Hunt Pokemons at Mogamma El Tahrir

Trying to get your paperwork done at an Egyptian governmental institution is probably the closest thing to hell we’ll ever get to experience. Worst of all is the Mogamma… We imagined what it would be like if we had to hunt for Pokemons the same way we hunt for visas, work permits or drivers licenses. Here’s what it boiled down to.


The Endless Breakfast 


Did you ever encounter one of those civil servants who insist that the only person who can help you get your paperwork done is out for breakfast? They’re always out for breakfast! Breakfast turns to brunch, brunch turns to lunch, and you never get your work done.


The Religious Procrastinator 


We don’t know how they manage it, but some civil servants go out to pray Duhr and evidently vanish into thin air. How do they do this disappearing act? Why do they do it? If an employee leaves his desk to pray and isn’t back in 15 minutes, just give up on your errands and go home.


The Not-So-Discreet Bribe Request


If Pokemon hunts were tied to the hands of Egyptian civil servants only those who are okay with bribery would end up winning. Let’s not delude ourselves and think otherwise.


The Bottomless List


Just like a wizard’s potion, the list of bureaucratic nonsense we have to go through is endless. You wouldn’t be able to get your Pokemon out of the Mogamma unless you brought every document on earth that mentions your name.


The Side Quests


There’s always, always, an employee who can add an extra step to your quest to get paperwork (or Pokemon) done. Suddenly there’s a form you didn’t fill, another employee who needs to give you a stamp, or a demon you need to vanquish if you want to be done.


The One that gets the Job Done


Regardless of how difficult the task might seem to other employees. Sometimes you encounter this super employee who gets things done in no time. They’re usually firm, clever and overall badass individuals that should be given medals all the time.

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