Editor’s Note May/June 2014

Inspiration and hope often come from the strangest places, driven by hardship and from the least expected: they call them the‘underdogs’.


By definition the underdog is commonly the person or group enrolled in a competition that is most likely expected to lose. The bets are always on the “Top Dog”.


Against all odds, a group of young people made it their business to make a difference in the lives of our street children. They created a football team and coached their team to the Street Children World Cup’14 in Brazil. The fact that our street children beat the “top dog” and qualified for Brazil speaks for itself.


When I saw these boys during the cover shoot I couldn’t help myself but be utterly overwhelmed by their spirit and passion for the game that got them off the streets. I saw boys who could be mine and as a mother I felt angry and ashamed that we are all silent spectators allowing the theft of their future. But I also felt hope and inspiration. There is always a way out, we just have to start with ourselves and make it our business not to look the other way.


For the love of the underdog and for a fair and dignified chance for everyone in life, open your eyes and take a deep breath and start the quest one step at a time.


Free your mind,

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