Editor’s Note – January/February 2014

During the making of this issue I was lucky to meet so many interesting and beautiful human beings that reminded me how genuinely generous life is.


This issue is about challenges that are thrown in our path, often life changing and devastating. It is about the people who grab these challenges by the balls and turn them into something breathtakingly beautiful and oh so inspiring.


I am dedicating this issue to Rana, a young woman, with whom I spent a day in which I learned how beautiful life is and what grace and dignity really mean. I also dedicate this issue to another brilliant woman and mother, May ZeinEldin, who decided to make a difference in the lives of so many people and challenge the status quo. I want to thank Amr, Iman, Mariem, Nouran and Tarek for being part of this issue. I salute their willpower and passion and bow in admiration to their persistence and dedication.


I am humbled and honored to have so many great minds and spirits in this issue. We need to start counting our blessings, challenge our views, move out of our comfort zone and build bridges.


The only disability is in our minds!


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