Edith Piaf in Damietta

Despite all political, social and economic catastrophes, Egypt still retains its ability to exhilarate us with how surreal it can be sometimes. A video posted by Facebook user Ahmed Elseady started circulating the web, going viral almost immediately. The video was filmed in Damietta, where a woman accompanied by two men playing the drums and keyboard stood in her balcony and sang Edith Piaf’s Rien De Rien in a microphone. Awestruck crowds gathered to watch her. When she was done with her beautifully sung cover, the crowd exploded in applause. What makes the video so surreal is how out of place the scene of a woman singing from her balcony seemed to be in the impoverished-looking neighborhood. A woman selling vegetables on the side of the road sat, watching as another woman sang at the top of her lungs a song which very few, if any, of the audience understood its lyrics. A busy street full of people trying to make a living suddenly exploded with something that looked like it might be taken out of a movie. It’s no wonder that the feelgood video went viral so quickly, garnering over 100k views in two days.

Click here to watch the video

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