Eat, Pray, Love

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Eat, pray, love is a movie based on Elizabeth Gilbert’s memoir on her journey through Italy, India and Indonesia, after a bad divorce. Through the journey, she finds inner peace and encounters several interesting people.



This is a movie that makes you think of sunflowers. It’s one of those movies that are stuck in your mind a few days after you’ve watched them. If not for the passion rush you get out of it, then it’s for the smile of hope it draws on your face.

The fact that this time the woman walks away just because it doesn’t feel right to her, gives the viewer hope and warmth. It is something I don’t approve of or recommend, but coming from the so-called weaker partner is kind of empowering.

Her journey of soul searching started in Italy, where she was lavished with good food. Then she moves to India, where she gets disconnected and spiritual. The movie focused on charity, meditation, prayer and living through the souls of people, who love you.

Heading back to Bali to meet the love of her life was a topic that got me skeptical, for the man seemed decent, passionate, yet not very pulled together. It seems that the only reason that’s keeping them together is their shared agony after a devastating divorce. However, it was good ending to the journey.

Eat pray love is a movie with a message to all women who settle for less than what they really want, inspiring them to break the silent walls of acceptance and to seek the inner strength to fulfill the dreams they’re trying to burry.


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