Down the Rabbit Hole: The Unconventional Suicide

Our generation has been on a rollercoaster ride for a few years now. Revolutions, wars, destruction and chronic stress have all been part of our daily struggle. Everyone has been cautious and insecure for so long now. Everyone’s emergency bag is waiting at the doors.


A lot of people have been postponing having kids or allowing a dream startup come to light. Something bad is about to happen, that’s what we kept on telling ourselves. But wait, when was it always butterflies and rainbows?


Life has been unfair since ancient times. Wars, hunger, bloodbaths, diseases and revolutions have been essential pillars of ancient and modern history and they were never considered reasons not to live.


Every generation thinks that the previous one enjoyed better lives. We always think that the 90’s were way better than today. Our mothers think that the 70’s were the coolest and our grannies think that the 50’s were the best of times and so on. Every generation thinks that the time they’re living in is evil, that the people they deal with have no ethics, that the air they breathe is tainted. We always fantasize about a time machine that should come and rescue us. On the other hand, life passes by without taking our worries into account.


The unconventional suicide is when you decide to surrender to evil. When we stop to live. When we believe that today is a wrong timing. When we pause our lives thinking that something bad will happen anyways. When we kill ourselves softly over the years.


New Year’s resolutions aren’t overrated if someone took them seriously. To make the right balance and achieve complete satisfaction, one has to achieve a few goals exclusively for themselves. Goals like getting married, getting promoted or being a world champion aren’t enough. Still, you’re sharing them with someone.


In order to ‘live’ you need to be more ambitious. Achieve goals that are for you exclusively. Goals that don’t require expectations from others. You expect people to clap their hands for you after a long awaited promotion, you expect a happily ever after from your partner, you expect people to listen to you and agree with you all the time.


Endless expectations.


Work on nourishing your mind, body and soul. Do something that doesn’t come with expectations and compliments. Go fishing and learn patience, wake up early and eat a nice breakfast, challenge yourself and try the weirdest foods, talk to interesting strangers.


It’s all about the will and the way. Love yourself this year, love your body and value your chances.

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