Does Pregnancy Affect the Libido?

Women are often surprised to feel elevated levels of libido (sexual desire) during pregnancy. Many of them fear losing their babies as a result of sexual intercourse, which leaves much to ponder over and wonder about, especially for those undergoing their first pregnancy.

The question that must be asked here is; does sex have any negative effects on the mother or her unborn child?

In some cases, sex during pregnancy can harm the mother and her child, as doctors have indicated that, if the husband has an STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease), the mother, and thus her child, can be infected. On another note, women with a history of miscarriages or preterm labor are also advised to refrain from sexual intercourse during their first trimester. Adverse effects can also take place if the placenta is not in its natural position.

OGBYNs have confirmed that there is absolutely no harm in sexual intercourse during pregnancy as long as the pregnancy is normal, and this applies even to the last few minutes before labor. They also confirm that the mucous membrane that surrounds the fetus protects it from any infection, and that the strong muscles of the uterus guard the child against any physical harm. Nevertheless, the child may be affected in some cases as the mother may feel them kicking after she climaxes. This kicking is not related to the child being aware of what is happening or feeling any pain, but is rather caused by the elevated speed of the mother’s heartbeats after intercourse.

Do you feel that sex during pregnancy is difficult for you because you fear for your unborn child, or because you suffer from low energy levels or lack the desire to have sex?

Naturally, during the first few months of pregnancy, you will experience reduced levels of libido and this is because of the morning sickness and fatigue that you suffer from. Once these symptoms disappear, your libido will gradually return to its normal levels and you will then be able to practice and enjoy sexual intercourse, unless there are other health issues that get in the way.

Most sex positions are safe during pregnancy, given that you and your husband are comfortable and that the position does not apply any pressure on your pelvis.

Now, let’s introduce the positions that work better than others during pregnancy:

Spoon position

Here, the wife sleeps on her left side and her husband lies behind her during intercourse. The benefit of this position is that your belly will not be exposed to any pressure, which makes it a very good position if you and your husband are comfortable with it.

Lying face to face

In this position, you sleep facing you husband, which makes your connection with him better. The benefit of this position is that neither of you will feel the weight of the other’s body.

The woman on top

In this position, the woman is in control, which makes her capable of adjusting her position should she feel any discomfort or pressure on her belly.

The edge of the bed

This is one of the most comfortable sex positions during pregnancy. Here, the wife lies on her back on the edge of the bed with her belly rested and supported, and her husband is either on his knees or in a standing position.

The kneeling position

Here, the wife kneels down and lifts her waist with her hands.


Finally, no matter what position you choose, make sure that it is comfortable for both, you and your husband.

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