Does anyone Smell Fish? Foods to Avoid before Oral Sex

Before letting your partner delve down under, you need to be prepared. More important than wearing sexy lingerie and doing a little trimming is making sure your vaginal odor is natural.

Vaginal odor should be there, it is the natural result of your hormones, genetics and lifestyle. A healthy vaginal odor is not only okay, but is welcome by most men. An offensive odor, though, will not make your man – or you – happy. If you are experiencing bad vaginal odor, the first thing you need to do is to eliminate the possibility of you having an infection or an STD. If you are healthy and infection-free, it most likely comes down to your diet.

Foods to avoid:


Eating fish can often cause you to have a “fishy” smell. Decrease your intake of fish that contains choline, like tuna and salmon.


Strong-smelling foods like garlic, onion, asparagus and spices that contain heavy aromas:

Their strong taste will change the way your vagina smells. They will also increase sweating in the vaginal area, causing an even stronger smell.


Coffee, dairy and alcohol:

We are not asking you to completely stop your intake of those products, but moderation is key. Excessive intake will most probably cause an odor that you wouldn’t want down there.


Foods that contain yeast like bread and mushrooms:

They will increase the possibility of a yeast infection, which will cause much more discomfort than just a vaginal odor.

“Smoking will definitely increase your chances of a bad vaginal odor.”


Smoking will definitely increase your chances of a bad vaginal odor. Synthetic undergarments will not let allow enough ventilation for your vaginal area, causing sweat and subsequently, an unwelcome odor.

ALERT: Scented pads and tampons should also be avoided as they overthrow your body’s natural balance that may result in infections like Candida.

Vagina Friendly Food:


Pineapple is one of the most effective foods that boosts fresh scent to your vagina. Try as much as you can to include fruit in your daily meals.


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