Do it yourself

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Those are nice pick cocktails you made from materials you have already in your home
And add a very original touch to you cocktails.
You need:
  • Cork
  • Beads
  • Moving eyes
  • Pipe cleaners (small piece)
  • Cartoon paper
  • Doll hair or any wool (color of your choice)
  • Acrylic paint and paint brush
  • Red Floumaster
  •  Plastic pick cocktail (you find in big Supermarkets)
  • UHU
  • Glue Gun
  • Scissors
Do it yourself:
1- Stick the wool on the cork head to form the hair as per the photo also sticks the eyes and the small bead to form the nose. Draw the mouse with red floumaster pen .Make the cook hat with carton paper and fix it on the top of the cork.
2- Cut 2 small pieces of the pipe cleaners and stick them on both sides of the corks to form the hands
3- Paint the body of the cork with acrylic paint to form the clothes
4- Break the head of the plastic pick cocktail and insert the pick cocktail in the bottom of the cork
5- Use the pick cocktail with sausage, cheese cubes and cherry tomato
You can make any design you want with the material you have.
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