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Ramadan Tree
This tree will surely be the hit at your next Ramadan gathering!
You need:
·         Terracotta flower pot
·         Polystyrene cone for dried flowers (30 cm height)
·         Dried dates
·         Toothpicks
·         Wooden stem (30 cm)
·         Small polystyrene sheet (or Carton paper)
·         Sliver glitter
·         1/4 meter red fabric (the one used for Ramadan decoration)
·         Rocks to weight flower pot
·         Nuts
·         UHU or any other good glue
Tools: Glue gun, Scissors
Do it yourself:
1.      Glue wooden stem into hole in center of flower pot base. Cover the pot with the fabric; fix it from inside with the glue gun.
2.      Gently push foam cone into top of wooden stem.
3.      Insert toothpicks into topiary cone, work in concentric circles around the cone from the bottom, and place the dried dates on toothpicks.
4.      Fill pot 2/3 full with rocks, than fill the rest with nuts.
5.      Draw a half moon shape on polystyrene, than cut it with scissors. Cover it with glue and then with silver glitter until completely covered. Let dry.
6.      Insert a tooth pick in the half moon base and insert the other side in the cone.

Ramadan Centerpiece
This is a very easy Ramadan Centerpiece that can add a special touch on your Iftar table or to decorate any corner in your house.
You need:
·         Medium or Small Glass Bowl
·         Sand
·         Tea light Candle
·         1/4 meter green or blue fabric (For Ramadan)
·         Dried Hibiscus (Karkadeh)
·         Copper ornament
Tools: Glue gun
Do it yourself:
1.      Cover the glass bowl with the fabric; fix it from inside with the glue gun.
2.      Fill the bowl with sand, than insert the tea light candle on the side.
3.      Cover the sand with dried Hibiscus.
4.      Top the sand with a copper ornament that matches the Ramadan spirit. We used here a Fava Bean Cooker.
Picture Perfect!
Frame your personal memories in a hand-made bead frame and add a touch of personality to your bedroom.
You need:
·         Differently sized and shaped wood frames
·         Different beads according to your taste and liking
·         UHU or any other good glue
Do it yourself:
1.      Clean the frames thoroughly and prepare the design you want to put on the frame
2.      Put glue on the part of the frame that you will cover with a certain color of beads for example. Put a handful of beads on the glued part and pat dry. Remove excess beads.
3.      Repeat until the whole frame is covered with your design. 
Message in a Bottle!
Spice up your shelf with some rope bottles.
You need:
·         Different sized glass bottles, you could use empty olive oil bottles for example
·         Rope
Tools: Glue gun, scissors
Do it yourself:
1.      Clean the bottles well from inside and out side and leave to dry.
2.      Use the glue gun to apply glue on the bottle starting from the bottom of the bottle and work your way up. Apply glue to two layers and spin around the rope instantly. Keep on repeating until you are at the bottle neck. May be someone can give you a hand and hold the bottle. Always pat dry and make sure the rope is glued well and give it a chance to dry.
Pin it up!
A different way of modern (kitchen) art.
You need:
·         4 wooden plates, squared, with a hanger on the back
·         4 large nails
·         4 mugs
Tools: Hammer 
Do it yourself:
  1. Hang the 4 wooden squares on the wall. Based on your wall composition either a nail will do or use a Fischer Duebel.
  2. Mark the center of the board and hammer in the nail. Hang up your favorite mugs.

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