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You need:

·        3 different sized glass vases

·        Stones or pebbles

·        3 floating candles

·        Water


Do it yourself:

1.      Wash the glass vases and fill the bottom with the stones, fill with water.

2.      Wait till any dust from the stones settles down and put the floating candles on top.


Name Holder


The best dinner parties are kept small and each guest has his place at the table, to add a nice touch place name holders for each guest at the table.


You need:

·        Oranges

·        Hay ribbons

·        Sack cloth or any sort of wrapping paper rests

·        Colored carton paper

·        Colored pens


Tools: scissors


Do it yourself:

1.            Cut out rectangular sheets off the sack cloth or the wrapping paper.

2.            Cut out ant shapes you like (or that match your theme) and write a name on each card. Make a small hole at the tip of the card and put the hay ribbon through it.

3.            Wash the oranges and wrap the cloth sheets around it, tying them with the hay ribbon on top. Place on the plate of your guest or on the side of the plate.








Napkin Holder


Napkins are always there yet do not always shine on the dining table set up. Try out your own personal touch and you will notice the difference.


You need:

·        Your table napkins

·        Hay ribbons or satin ribbons

·        Any item to dangle with an opening to pass the ribbon (matching your theme)



Do it yourself:

  1. Cut the ribbons in a length that allows to be tied around the napkin.
  2. Fold your napkins to form a rectangular.
  3. Pass the ribbons through the danglers and wrap it around each folded napkin.
  4. You can use paper cards, small Ramadan Lights, Santa Claus, a plastic flower and much more as your dangler and customize each dinner party to a theme.


Centerpiece Winterstyle


Your dining table set up cannot go without a centerpiece that adds warmth to the winter season.


You need:

·        Large glass serving plate (you can use a glass pyrex that you don’t use anymore)

·        Stones or marbles or colored plastic stones (available at gift shops)

·        5 small glass candle holders

·        5 tea lights



Do it yourself:

1.      Wash stones and place on the bottom of the glass plate.

2.      Put the tea lights in the small candle holders and place them between the stones. Make sure they are stable and supported by the stones. You can add some more stones around the candle holders to give support.

3.      Add some water to the glass plate. Do so very slowly as not to move the set up. Once stones are covered don’t pour more water.

4.      If you have some rose petals add them to the water, it will look nice. Scented candles are also a good idea. Try to put some scented oil to the water, with the heat of the candles the oil will evaporate and scent the air.



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