Discover what makes your life worthwhile with Inertia’s ‘Remember to Live’ campaign

In the midst of modern life, in a world where it can be difficult to turn away from your phone and escape from the pressures of work, making quality time for yourself is much easier said than done. It becomes more difficult when you come home to a place full of stress and hassle. Inertia knows that having peace of mind and a release from this frustration is so important for your happiness, productivity and overall wellbeing. So as part of their commitment to creating not just buildings, but a whole environment where we can ‘Remember to Live’, they have launched a campaign reminding us not to settle and instead to get out there and find out what makes your life worthwhile.

Enjoy the simple things in life
After a long hectic day, remembering to live might just entail enjoying the simple things in life such as having a late night hot chocolate with someone you love, or making time to have dinner with your children. Inertia’s conscientiously built real estate is designed with this in mind; turning your house into a haven so you can relax and embrace spending time with your loved ones.

Experience your city like never before
Living in Cairo can be exhausting, after hours of being stuck in traffic you sometimes forget to enjoy what the city has to offer. Bearing this in mind, Inertia has created an environment purpose-built for you to get the best of both worlds! Ingeniously crafted property gives you a chance to live with space and quiet when you need a break from the bustle, but in a convenient location so that you can have quick access to the best restaurants and music venues. So if trying new food or exciting activities is what makes your life worthwhile, you can do so stress-free!

Take a well-deserved break
When you do need a break away from the city, remembering to live could be having the perfect vacation to prime locations on the coast. Located in the most beautiful destinations in Egypt, Inertia’s Red Sea and Mediterranean compounds are the perfect place to go to discover what makes your life worthwhile. Whether you enjoy sunbathing on a beach with a gripping novel, or being more adventurous with kitesurfing and diving with dolphins, Inertia has made sure that with no extra hassle, everything is within reach.

After years of transforming real estate in Egypt so that it puts our needs first, this empowering campaign further demonstrates Inertia’s passion for showing us that there is nothing more important than our own happiness! Go to the Inertia website to find out more.

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