Discover Elvive’s New Concentrated Mask, Extraordinary Oil: A Three-Minute Hair Treatment at Home

We’ve all been there! The horror of the bad hair day…

With different lengths, colors, styles, types of hair, but one thing in common: we fall prey to hair damage. We go on loops of fixing that damage WE created. Our hair goes through a lot! A LOT. Whether weather conditions, bleaching, dying – literally – or hormonal changes (pregnancy, childbirth, menopause) and of course wrong products. We do take part in killing that poor hair of ours till it turns out dehydrated, dull, brittle, coarse to the touch, and split-ended.

Hold your horses! It is not all bad news.

L’Oreal Elvive, which doesn’t fail to deliver consistent results, introduces their new Extraordinary Oil Mask that brings back the shine to the dull city of our heads.

Through its new technology, forget about waiting for 30 minutes per day! Per wash!

The deep concentrated mask SAVES your time and effort to rock that soft, frizz-free, healthy – INSIDE-OUT- hair in just THREE minutes! And it is easy to wash out.

Just scoop and apply from root to tip.

The non-greasy, highly moisturizing, and feather-weight wonder, Jojoba oil, will slide through the corners of your hair leaving luxuriously nourished and ultra protected hair by leaving an ultra-thin film behind for extra protection against breakage, dullness, dryness.


Creamy and divinely smelling, the mask comes as a second step – after cleansing – to rejuvenate a slick, weighed-down, shiny, nutritious, whole-ended look that we are ALL craving.

And, yes, you can swap between it and your conditioner.

Efficiency is key to our busy lives, isn’t it?

Well, hair masks are a must-have in our hair care routine.

For that L’Oreal Elvive backs you up with two more masks that are a treat to long-dead hair: Total Repair 5 and Arginine Masks.


Total Repair 5 is a hair delicacy that treats the 5 signs of damaged hair instantly: split-ends, breakage, roughness, dryness, and dehydration. A joy it is to see your hair at its finest. Easy to apply, it takes 3 to 5 minutes – a leave-in- then you rinse.

The other bliss that transforms this crisis is Arginine Mask for deep strength and resistance. Our hair is falling out easily and becoming delicate to the wink – above all cracked- you can pluck a hair out with zero pain.This formula nourishes your roots filling them in and giving them TRIPLE the effect; it resists your hair fall 3 times. Your hair will become less prone to falling. It is used once a week after shampooing – also instead of conditioning- and a two-minute leave-in.

Hair treatment takes time just like we take our time destroying it. If you want balance back to your hair, it won’t come effortlessly, it needs you!

So can you really go from dry, crispy, falling hair to soft, shiny, strong strands?




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