Dinner is Served: Parmesan Chicken Pasta!

Parmesan Chicken Pasta



1- One penne pasta bag (boiled)

2- 4 pieces boneless chicken breasts (breaded)

2- 1 ltr cooking whipping cream

3- 2 tablespoons butter

4- 3 garlic (minced)

5- 3 cubes kiri cheese

6- 2 magy cubes veg.

7- 3 table spoons full tomato paste (salsa)

8-  4 table spoons Parmesian cheese  (minced)

9- 1 ltr milk



1- Put 2 garlic cloves with butter to heat, and then add Magy chicken stock.

2- Pour 1 cup of whipping cream and 2 cups milk then stir.

3- Add the cheese, and then pour the rest of the milk with more 2 cups of whipping Cream , and put the Kiri cheese leaving it to boil.

4- in a small pan, put 1 garlic,  1 tsp of butter, and add the tomato paste add little water and leave to boil.

5- Fry the chicken until golden,

6- Put the pasta in the white sauce and add some more cheese.


To serve: bring a serving dish, put the pasta add the red sauce over it then add thechicken strips.

NB: If you want it hot, add some spicy pepper.

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