Dine in Style

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Lighting is like a good foundation to any perfect make-up. There are different forms of lighting. Direct and indirect lighting and candle light. A nice chandelier, regardless if modern or classic, placed enlightening the center of the dining table is essential. Indirect lighting solutions can add more lighting sources that are felt but not seen. Lamps placed on the buffet or side cabinet close to the dining table, are also a very warm form of lighting up the space. Place some matching candle holders on your dining table and side units to add warmth to the area.

Color Theme

Colors add personality to any room. Choose a theme of matching colors and apply it to the entire interior such as upholstery fabric, curtains and accessories; you can even match your cutlery and serving plates. Love for the detail is what accentuates and separates us from the crowd. If you choose a warm color theme like burgundy, beige and earth tones it will match perfectly to dark wooden floors and furniture. Golden accessories will be the perfect addition and truly a cherry on top. If you choose to match brown tones with khaki, silver accents would also give a nice result.



Matching cutlery is a very nice detail that gives harmony to the whole theme. Beige or white china matches every décor. You can easily get matching serving dishes and plates that match your color theme and your dining service. Glassware and Crystals also go along perfect in this unison.


No dining table without matching table cloths. They come in all shapes and colors. Make sure that when you buy one it matches the overall color theme and more important that it fits the table. Nothing is worse than a table cloth that is smaller than the table. If your dining table is not standard size you can easily buy fabric and have it sown for you. Table runners are very ‘in’ and add style to your set-up. They also come in all styles and colors. Get the table runners according to your seating arrangement, meaning that if your table seats three on one side you need three runners. Matching placemats and napkins are a must. You can give an elegant touch with napkin rings.




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