Dina Shoukry Designs

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"Everything you own is part of your true essence"

Dina Shoukry Designs is a new unique approach in designing coffee tables using the best quality and creative materials available. Among the creative materials she uses are glass, crystals, precious and semi precious stones, copper, textiles, genuine leather, and much more that makes the collection exclusive and individual. Every table is made of solid wood or pure copper. Every table is crafted to order and every piece is cut by hand. All the tables are one of a kind guaranteeing you a unique handcrafted piece of art.

Tell us what inspires you?

Everything around me inspires me, colors, shapes, nature, cultures, history and much more. Seriously, every imaginable aspect in life is an inspiration you just need to tap into it more often and allow for that connection to take place.

When did you begin?

I started out by simply sketching and creating designs on Photoshop whenever an idea popped up, the idea itself came to me as a result of the frustration I faced when I needed a different, exotic and artistic coffee table for my own house and couldn't find one, this was the initial trigger to the whole chain of action that took place a couple of years later.

Who is your target audience?

My target audience is every art loving human being. People who seek to revive and cherish hand crafted pieces and take pride in owning a unique art piece.

Could we blend these designs with modern furniture?

Everything in life can be done it's always a matter of "how" not if. How you do something or how you say something is what makes it or breaks it. In that case it's how you arrange the house is what gives you the look and style.

Do your designs include both domestic and outdoor items?

Yes, I already started preparing for my second and third collection and many of the current and future designs include domestic living and outdoor items.

What's next for Dina Shoukry Designs?

The upcoming big event is the first design platform in Cairo, the "+20 Egypt Design" under the auspices of the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Culture, the Egyptian Furniture Export Council EFEC and the Industrial Modernization Center IMC with the support from the Egyptian Exporters Association Expolink. As for the showroom I will be exhibiting in several shops in Maadi and Zamalek, you can find these shop details on my website www.dinashoukry.com and in the future I intend on opening my own showroom.

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