Dina Aboul Soud: Home Screen Darling

Dina Souad, is one of the young TV talents who we’ve seen in many different serials through out the past years. She is associated with the role that helped her launch her TV stardom, in which she played Maggie, a naive betrayed wife, in 2004’s serial ‘Meshwar Emraa’ starring the legendary Nadia El Guindy, Mustafa Fahmy and directed by Ahmed Sakr. Later, she started to appear in many successful serials like ‘Tager El Saada’ starring Khaled Saleh and ‘Layaly El Hob’ starring Randa El Beheiry and Amir Karara. Dina was a very busy student at the Faculty of Pharmacy when she met randomly with acting career. She started to enter the field with excitement in parallel to preparing for opening her own pharmacy. This Ramadan, Dina comes to us with two roles that may escalate her to a new level of stardom.

Tell us what are you working on this Ramadan?

I appear in two serials. One is called “Mozakarat Sayeat El Som3a” starring Rania Youssef and Suzan Negm El Din, in which I play ‘Lamar’ a young troublemaker who’s character transfers completely through out the episodes. I have another serial is called ‘Shahed Esbat’ will also be on screens.

TV is a source of great exposure, but haven’t you recently thought of cinema?

Of course I have, but unfortunately I wasn’t offered many good roles as the only good roles that I got was that of TV and I don’t want to make a good TV project and end up with bad cinematic experience. I’m still waiting for a good cinematic opportunity.

Are you satisfied with the Egyptian Drama today?

Yeah I’m satisfied as most of Egyptian serials show real life plots, Stories that we’ve heard or seen in our society.

Which roles you prefer?

I’m into romantic roles and I’d like to do comedy also. I’ve once played a comedy role in ‘layaly El Hob’ serial with Randa El Beheiry and Amir Karara. I played a tomboy who was encouraged by Randa El Beheiry to take good care of her looks to step into the world of men. I played a couple of villain roles like the one in ‘Tager El Saada’ starring Khaled Saleh, he is a great actor and very professional on the set.

How do you cope in that competitive field?

I believe in destiny all the way and I know quit well that I don’t have to be friends with everyone to gain publicity. I’m just focused on what I do.

Are you a fan of any American soap opera?

I’m a fan of The Bold and The Beautiful; I can’t believe they’re in the 5000 episode! We’ve became old and they are still working on it. Brooke’s beauty has grown through the years also Taylor is a beauty. I’m not a fan of their male co-stars, I’ve never liked Ridge. The script writers of the serial once announced on the internet that they want the audience to brainstorm with them for new plots! It happened in a project I was working on once and that was hilarious; the director asked us while we were on set to come up with new scenario and we couldn’t believe what he was telling us, that was more hilarious, and I won’t tell you what was the project (laughs).

TV eats your schedule, so what will happen when you start a family?

I won’t quit but I will definitely limit my schedule to certain projects. I wont be doing many projects at the same time like I’m doing now, but I’ll manage my time between family, pharmacy and acting.

So what do you do when you’re not on set?

I like to hang out with my family and surf the internet, mainly Facebook. I like sports and shopping too.

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