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As some of you may know, there is this general perception that British Television is a total Bore!  (No offense to the Brits!)  But for those of us like me, who are literally TV-addicts, the wide array of cable & satellite channels in Egypt, tends to spoil us.


In actual fact, the idea of being under-siege & restriction of only having access to British television gave me many sleepless nights! But in my honorable quest for knowledge and self-betterment, I coaxed myself, with great pain, into de-toxing my habit and brain of my TV-addiction.


And so amongst my farewells, I said my goodbyes to Showtime full bouquet, orbit… goodbye to the ever-annoying habit of channel-flighting, goodbye to snubbing Egyptian Television… and goodbye settling down in front of an old classical English/Arabic movie.


I packed by bags with a number the complete series of “Sex in the City”, a number of my favorite chick-flicks, and depressing classics, and even treated myself to some Arabic-movie VCDs for when I get the urge of watching an Arabic movie… and off to London I went…


Now 6 weeks in, I have to admit:

Perception is a devious thing… it is often built not on facts, but on here-say, on misconceptions, on historical & quick judgment.  A closer look at British television revealed a splendid array of shows, programs, series and even… yes Movies!!


So despite my resolution of removing the television addiction out of my system, I remain a serious TV addict!  But I must say, that I had to “tweak” my preferences t suit my new environment. Instead of Bones, CSI, Ghost-Whisperer, NCIS, Medium, the occasional Arabic Series on Egyptian television and the controversial “Al Qahera Al Youm”… it is now:  The X-Factor, Hell’s Kitchen USA, the Whistle-blowers, Spoof, and of course BBC Breakfast, ITV’s Morning Show and Loose Women.


Yes indeed  – one of new discoveries is Day-Time TV.  So I start off my day at the early hour of 7:30am with BBC breakfast… It wakes me up to the hard news in the UK & the world… as we go along the 2 hour show, we go through the key news articles, the Weather and the key “Hot-topics” affecting the Brits & residents of Britain such as daily crimes, tube-fare increases, turbulences at the post-office and the “Missing File” for lost teens & children across the Isles.


Next, at 10:30am I switch to iTv to tune in to the softer-news show:  The Morning Show.  Again, in a lively TV Platform setting with 2 like-able anchors who quickly become household faces… we get a very interesting line-up of news, entertainment & social segments.  The regular line-up consists of an update of the last episode review of the soap that was on the day before (be it coronation street, Doc Martin, Emmerdale, Secret Diaries of a Call Girl  etc), a fashion review (which gives you great tips on what to wear and where to buy it from), a cooking segment (with fabulous easy recipes), the Weather (of course!!!), a bit about the local news, and hosting of a number of entertainers and social figures who are currently making the news for one reason or another.


Basically you start your day knowing exactly what happened & what is happening in LONDON.  Ain’t television Grand?! J J J


Equally exciting, is Evening-time television… with iTv2, Channel 4, E4, and Film4 (not sure what the significance of “4” is…)  These channels offer episodes of TV series that are similar to those I was hooked on in Egypt, Friends, Fraiser, Smallville, OC and One-Tree Hill… and even the occasional Jericho & Ghost-Whisperer!!


So, in a nut-shell British Television has been doubted and named “Boring” unfairly!  And… for the TV-addicts like me, it is worth every pence of the annual fee of GBP 140… mesh khosara fihom khales!

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