Diana says “Listen to your body!”

We learn from yoga instructor Diana Faaberg about her Ramadan habits, and how she manages to achieve a healthy lifestyle and stay active during Ramadan, all while treating herself every now and then.

What is the best time to work out during Ramadan?

I have found that the best time for me is before Iftar. It’s a challenge the first few days, but when you get used to it, you’ll find you get aboost of energy, plus you make most of your time. Your body burns more fat when you work out while fasting. Some people find it really hard, so you really need to listen to your body.

For people who do not have the time to work out, what is the best at-home workout regimen you can recommend?

I would recommend some body weight workouts, core work, and definitely yoga!

What are your favorite healthy alternatives to Ramdan guilty pleasures?

I get very extreme sugar cravings, my goto healthy alternative is a date and avocado smoothie. Three dates, half an avocado, a glass of milk (cow milk or almond) and honey to taste.
What is the best kind of exercise to do in Ramadan?

That really depends on what your goal is. I like to do a lot of yoga, it’s both toning and calming at the same time so it’s perfect.

How do you maintain a healthy diet during Ramadan with all these temptations?

Listen to your body, more times than not a glass of water will curb your cravings. Drinking a lot of water keeps you full. Have healthy snacks available to you, so you don’t eat unhealthily out of laziness.

What are your tips for staying hydrated during Ramadan?

I keep a bottle of water with me at all times, because we usually just forget to drink. I love Karkade, so I keep that available too when I get bored of water.

What are your eating habits like in Ramadan?

I always eat whatever I want for the first two days, just to get it out of my system, then I go healthier. I start my Iftar with two glasses of water, then a big salad.  I try to stay away from fried foods and those really heavy desserts. I stick more to fresh fruits and vegetables.

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