Denise De Haan

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RedBull’s wakeboarding champion Denise De Haan came to Egypt in Red Bull’s ‘Wake it Up’ 4 day workshop which took place in Marina, in an attempt to teach Egyptian wake-boarders to reach a professional level. Denise’ lifetime dream was to wake-board in the beautiful nile, so the crew of Red Bull helped her achieving that dream by making her wake-board in Aswan. We were curious to know the young woman with the cool job and how she spends her time and how she keeps her head above waters.

      1)   By evolving around the globe, to what extent have you achieved Independence?

      Well, since my 13th age I am exposed to what the world has to offer. I think that’s the best education to become independent.

      2) Which 3 words best describe your job?

Fun, challenging, satisfying.

      3) Have you had any injuries?

Yes, 3 relatively major knee injuries in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

      4) What are the 5 major aspects of a professional wake-boarder?

Persistence, courage, some talent, support from friends, family and sponsors, luck and of course tons of fun.

       6) What are your greatest fears on the starting dock?

Because of my injuries in the past, I always hope I finish my run in 1 piece.

7) What will you take with you on a deserted island?

Probably my BlackBerry so that I’ll be able to call someone to get me out of there!

8) When you're not wake-boarding, what else do you do?

I like to snowboard, go to movies, hang out with friends and of course share my experience by coaching other wake-boarders.

9) Do you have any secrets concerning you're career that you now ready to share with us?

Not really secrets, but if you want to make it, you have to love what you do.

10) Do you know what women want?


I think mostly respect.

11) What's on you're list of things to do before 30

I want to have a proper foundation to help me move on to next part of my life. I just graduated from school so I have a ticket to which ever direction I want to go.



Denise’s Career Achievements




      2nd Wake the Pool, Leipzig (cable)

      1st CWWC tourstop, Marburg (cable)

      2nd CWWC tourstop, Belgrad (cable)




      1st WWA Cable World Championships

      1st European Championships, France (boat)

      1st WPWS Stop 1, France

      1st WPWS Stop 2, Philippines

      2nd WPWS Stop 3, Ukraine

      1st Nationals, boat




– 4th US Masters




          3rd Overall World Cup Series (boat)

          National Champion (boat)

          2nd European Championships (boat)





          World Games winner (cable)

          World Champion (cable)

          3rd World Championships, boat

          National Champion (cable&boat)

          Female athlete of the year, Almere

          Rider of the year, NWWB



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