Decoding the Ice Cream Shop in Amr Diab’s ‘Ice Cream Fi Gleem’:



Amr Diab and Simone’s eternal cult ‘Ice Cream Fe Gleem’ was shot in Egypt’s first homegrown Ice Cream Parlor ‘Rigoletto’. The Egyptian brand was first established in 1987, back then it was named ‘Dolce Vita’. Two years later, it became the fabulous Rigoletto.

Here are 5 reasons why we are obsessed with Rigoletto:


1) They are the vanguards of the infamous Vanilla Croquant Cake that is like little drops of heaven! This flavor was created by the owner’s wife and many other ice cream shops followed their trend.

2) The ice cream brand is the first to replace cow milk with buffalo milk, with 50% more protein, 40% calcium and high levels of natural anti-oxidant tocopherol, Rigoletto combines health with deliciousness. Besides the nutritional facts, the ice cream also has an incredibly creamy and rich taste.

3) Their ice cream cones are always fresh and crispy! YUM!

4) Their signature Chocolate Cake is a must have. They also have numerous special flavors that we are obsessed with like Cinnamon Date, Coconut Raisin and Cherry Yoghurt.


5) Their oriental flavors are a league of their own. Have you ever thought about the existence of Turkish Coffee ice cream? (yes you’ve read that right). Also 3asaleya and Malban are pure addiction.

Find our Love Sticker at Rigoletto as our team highly recommends this awesome place!


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