Editor’s Note – January/February 2013

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We are not in the best of times. Actually we really in deep, deep shit. With a government that is worse then the one toppled, religious fascism on the rise, police brutality, torture, killings, systematic gang rape and an economy going down the drain, the current situation is beyond nasty.


Now, most of us are at the verge of taking life altering decisions of leaving the country or finally joining the ranks of the revolution or creating a safety bubble for one’s sanity. Everyone is at this crossroad now. What will it be for you?


We all struggle with that love-hate relationship with Egypt, we love her and fight hating her quite as much everyday. It is not easy. In fact it is the most abusive love relationship I have ever been in, it drains you physically and emotionally to an extent that is indescribable. Yet I choose RESISTANCE overgiving in to the feelings of darkness and despair. We need to learn to resist and persist on what we believe in regardless of losses or how painful the path may be. In oppressed times full of injustice, blood and anguish we have to find a way to resist. We have to find a way to fall down and stand up stronger and taller and even more resistant.We have to reach the point where we see the light and willingly accept the fact that our sole purpose in life is to resist and evolve. We have to seriously count our blessings and continue on the ‘Road not taken’, for this is the value of having lived a meaningful life. It is the only way to be really free, to be untouchable.


This issue is dedicated to the younger generations of proud Egyptians, the teens and early twens, the ones who will set this country free with their blood, art, music, photos, videos, movements and genuine love for Egyptian soil. They will not let some power lusting dinosaurs take away their dreams, aspirations and creativity. They will not be silenced. They are R for Resistance, peaceful resistance.


The Revolution continues…


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