Editor’s Note – November/December 2013

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I am not a believer in New Year’s resolutions. Period.

But for the first time I actually took a resolution-like decision and followed it through: I decided to detox my life!

For the past 3 years I refused to live in a bubble, I assumed it would be a sort of betrayal to my values and beliefs; that the Jeannie cannot go back into the bottle. Last August I came to the painful realization that I was wrong, that fighting the bubble was wrong. I came to realize that the only way to continue the fight, to function and to evolve is by creating a safe place for you and loved ones. A sheltered space, where you are safe and can prosper. A comfort zone, where your rules apply and where you re-energize for the real challenges.

This issue is about the urgent need to detox our lives, to rid ourselves from negativity, listen to our bodies and tune our minds. Sort your life and get rid of unnecessary baggage, do things you love, surround yourself with people you love and know that everyone can change his world, one at a time.

Be the change you want to see.


Happy New Year,


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