Editor’s Note – September/October 2013

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We sat on this issue right before the violence and constant unrest swept the country. Somehow we were lost in the middle of the June 30th aftermath and torn between binaries, good and evil and the double standards that have surfaced blatantly like oil on water.


The violence that swept the country like a merciless tornado pushed many of us aside, created opposing fronts and hard feelings. Somewhat lost and confused we found ourselves looking for the turning point on how we reached this dark place. In tough times masks fall off. The curtains dropped and revealed some ugly truthsthat have been covered up for decades by silly euphemisms.


The downfall of a once healthy society through systematic impoverishing of the middle class, the guardian of a nation’s values and characteristics. The lack of education, years of intolerance, classism and propaganda fed generations burying their heads in the sand are the reasons for this mess we are in. The extreme loss of logic and any form analytical thinking have created a brainless giant, who regardless how he moves causes big damage to his surrounding.


Good manners, ethics and truthfulness have become vintage items, hold on to them and pass them onto your children. This is our nostalgia issue.


Keep the faith,


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