Editor’s Note – March/April 2013

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7 years have passed since the first issue of What Women Want…Magazine has been released. Looking back at these 7 years I am filled with pride, joy and empowerment. I feel overwhelming gratitude in having the luxury to wake up every day to something I really love doing. I feel thankful towards my beyond fantastic team who are taking care of my firstborn as if it is their own. I want to thank Reem Gamil my fantastic senior editor, who is the heart of the whole thing chasing around town like an energizer rabbit making sure we are on top of things along with her kick ass team. They are the flavor that just makes things a whole lot different. I thank you and I love you deeply.


I want to sincerely thank all our freelance writers, contributors and experts who we love and respect and who just add that extra pinch of spice. You guys rock! I also want to thank everyone who stood by us, supported us or simply encouraged us to keep fighting and chasing our dreams. Sweat and hard work always pay off in the end and we are confident that we will safely maneuver through the tough socio-economic times that we are in and evolve with it.


To some awesome years to come!




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