Editor’s Note – May/June 2013

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For the past two years my life was somewhat on hold, in a certainstagnant phase, like a twilight zone.  Everything we believed in and fought for in the past two years of the revolution and its aftermath was slowly fading away and turning into an undefined thing in a vegetative state. A vegetable.


I had put so many things on hold until we “win” this fight, so we can go back to normal. Call it silly or helplessly romantic; somehow I felt that we could only have a feel good place when good wins over evil. In retrospect I can safely say that I was wrong. We need to have a feel good bubble or spot all the time, so we can actually win in the end.  We need to make sure that we bring positivity back into our lives. I got parts of my sanity back with the birth of my second daughter a few weeks ago, taking away some of the accumulated bitterness, that I need to get rid off.


This issue is all about how to feel good in all this craziness we are living in; how to find that small spot where everything is still okay.


On board with us are many interesting stories, people and ideas all with the aim to tell us it that it is a must to feel good about ourselves. Only positivity will defy the odds, change the status quo and challenge the norm.


See you in good health!


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