Dear Moms: Motherhood Didn’t End Your Life

Dear Moms Motherhood didnt end your life - What Women Want

What’s the one common thing about new moms these days? Hmmmm? Complaining.Yes, every body is complaining. We complain about kids’ hyper activity, about them giving us a hard time to eat, about their attitude when we take them out, their behavior when it’s time to study and the list goes on. Have you ever thought about how more challenging your motherhood experience would feel like if you have a special needs child? We feel every single part of a given day is a challenge, while it is a very precious blessing that for other moms is only a dream.


I had a chat with a lovely, strong mom of twins last week–a six-year-old boy and girl. Unfortunately, the boy was born with difficulties in breathing that led to major issues in the oxygen supply to his brain, resulting in him being dependent on his mother, not able to move by himself, and not able to talk properly till now. I felt so small hearing her story, because this takes motherhood to a whole new level. This mother is not facing the daily challenges only; she is also facing fear, pain, and anger to see her son like this. It didn’t only affect her psychologically but also physically, because she has to carry him to help him do basic things. She also has to be around him all the time, because nobody knows how to deal with him. She wakes up everyday deciding not to let this break her, and to do whatever it takes to support her angel boy.


The amount of positive energy I felt in her talk was something worthy of respect.She said it is all about acceptance.The moment you accept the hardship, God supports you like you have never imagined. I decided to write an article about this lovely lady to tell her that she taught me a very precious lesson. I wanted to relay her message to a bigger audience.That’s why you are reading this now.


Be positive whenever possible.Even if you have challenges, work around them. Take the time to be grateful for your blessings that are only a dream for others. Enjoy being a mom, and never act as if motherhood has brought your life to an end. Motherhood is an amazing experience; it just depends on how we live it, and how we decide to take it. This mom is so positive that she has decided to have a third baby to fill their life with joy, and give her the pleasure and happiness that she might have missed feeling with her first twin babies.

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