Dear Moms, It’s Okay Not To Feel Okay

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Dear Moms, 

I’m Regina Inani and I’m a struggling mom. Over the past year, I’ve been feeling tired and not in control of anything. I long for a break and wish I could get some time off. If you feel the same, raise your hand.

Are you tired? I am too! For over a year now, we’ve been running around like headless chickens wearing too many hats. Who are we? We’re Moms obviously! We’ve been dealing with chores, worrying, getting no rest, and having to be both teachers and moms. The most exhausting part of all of this is though, is that it’s like we’re prohibited from bitching about it!

Yes, everyone is going through the same thing. But, not everyone feels the same way about it okay? There are people struggling with anxiety and depression who are trying to process so much and keep themselves together for the sake of their kids.

The Struggle Is Real

Even through times of crisis, society seems to neglect the need to provide a safe environment for those who struggle with their mental health. How is that fair? As I’m writing this, I’m struggling myself! Some days, I wonder what is it that I can do to sustain my sanity and not run away from everything that is overloading me.

I want every woman and mom who reads these lines to know that it is okay not to feel okay! Don’t let people tell you that you are not allowed to feel a certain way just because others are processing things differently. Sometimes we cry and watch a movie to shift our moods;  other times, we are very fragile that we just want to binge-eat leftover dessert on the kitchen floor.

The Struggle is Shared

I want every woman who is struggling to know that I am struggling too and that we are here for each other. We can and we will stand by each other, even when we are all going through the same challenge. Some of us are stronger, some of us have a more reliable support system; Some of us are privileged and we should never take that for granted! But, we also can’t forget those who are not as privileged. Or, those who are privileged but do not have the mental capacity to navigate through times of crisis safely.

How to Self-Care

I wish there were a one-click fix to all of this. But there is no easy 3-step guide to press a reset button. What can help you is to make sure you keep the conversation going, speak to someone you trust, a friend, a therapist. Also, talk! Don’t bottle up your feelings because what we can talk about does not scare us as much anymore.

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Use those 10-minute, unplanned breaks in your day. Close your eyes, breathe, meditate, and go for a quick walk. Read 2 pages of a book you like. Never underestimate the power of music or a good dance to lift up your mood. Get some fresh air, and, if the air outside is not fresh, get some fan air in your face, feel it on your skin, let your hair get messy, and splash some water on your head, massage your scalp! Get a nice scrub, do a homemade mani and Pedi, binge watch Netflix! The bottom line is: don’t stop trying to help yourself so you don’t get dragged down to rock bottom.

If you’re a mom and you’re struggling with how crazy things are, message me on Instagram. I would love to hear from you.

In support of all moms who are overwhelmed with how the past 12 months have been, I am offering free 1:1 coaching sessions on zoom with a very flexible schedule to accommodate how we are managing our time.

Regina Inani,

A struggling mom and a life coach


Regina Inani
Regina Inani

Regina Inani is a coach with a focus on career and lifestyle and an HR guru with many years of experience across multinationals and startups. She is addicted to reading and drinks coffee like there is no tomorrow. She’s also a content creator and a mentor.

“My WHY is that the world needs more women leaders!”





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