Dear Man

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Mirror … mirror on the wall,

Who’s that girl standing tall?
Mirror … mirror on the wall,

Who’s to hold me when I fall?

Mirror … mirror on the wall,

Why are you not answering my call?

Oh mirror
The lines and the scars you do not hide;

My scattered thoughts you would not guide.

Me myself and I; the gap so wide;

Oh mirror; you make me look inside.

You show me a girl against the tide;

By the rules she would not abide.

Within your frame, a caged spirit am I?

By your name, what voice have I?

Mirror … mirror on the wall,
She shall never stutter;

With a new voice, words she will utter.

Mirror … mirror on the wall,

Her fear you shall never show;

Fearless she is to know.

Cruel mirror

Why show me a figure so broken?

Why tell me words unspoken?

So my mirror

Where is the little fat girl that you used to show me?

Where are the frightened eyes that used to look at me?

Is she still hiding her smile with her hand?

Is she still looking for a magic wand?

Oh mirror … Why can’t you lie?


Dear MAN

You sat there with your head between your hands starring at a checkered floor in that old abandoned restaurant and I watched your tears drop off your face and wet the tip of my boots as I crossed my legs in my defense. “I did not know that you loved me” he said. “How could I have even guessed? You do not call, you do not try to see me, you do not get hurt when I leave you, you do not beg me to stay, and you refused to get married to me … how could I have known?” His voice choked in anger at my silent figure sitting in front of him. He begged me to speak up. He needed an explanation. He needed to move on. He needed to turn the page where my name was engraved.

“You are married now. It’s no use having this conversation” I replied in a peaceful tone.

“I want to try to understand you one last time” His eyes pleaded.


Dear MAN

I have learnt that love should not be treated like hunger, thirst, sleep, or sex. When you are hungry or thirsty or sleepy or in need of sex you have to act upon your need; you get a sandwich or a drink or a nap or a partner. Love works differently. Love is to be enjoyed not acted upon. I did miss you but I just sat there and celebrated the human gift of craving another human being. I did nothing. I wanted to hear your voice but I just sat there and celebrated the human gift of summoning the memory of another person. I did nothing.

I wanted to go out with you but I just sat there and celebrated the human gift of imagination. I colored my own dreams of you and of being with you. Loving you in my head has given me more pleasure than actually being with you. You left me. I smiled because I know I had a better version of you. You came back. I smiled because I know you will leave again. You asked me to marry you because you knew I will say no. I said no because I knew you did not even know me to love me. Then I heard you got married.

I smiled.

When you were not looking,
in your core
I planted my seed.

Before you know it,
I shall grow in your soul
like a leafy tree of a hundred years.

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