Deana Shabaan launches her Black & White collection

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The complete collection is black and white.“Recently we judge people a lot depending on their looks; I guess you realized that before. If you judge a person by their looks and you get to know them you’ll feel that there is more about them than what you thought of them and sometimes you surprise yourself by finding out that you have a lot in common. So with this collection, I wanted it to be intertwined. Yes initially it’s black and white but it’s more about the color and design like human beings who have more details other than their looks”, Deana explains. This collection combines daily items with chic eveningwear; from casual blouses to wedding gowns (yes you read right) you’ll definitely find what you need.

The Black and White collection is absolutely sexy, not in a flashy fleshy way but in the subversively sexy covered up fashion, “Yes, us women are cute and sexy but it’s not always about body shape, when a woman enters a room she must leave an impression by her overall look and that’s related to style and outfits. This collection is all about strength and empowerment”, she points out.

The young designer believes that in order to remain on top of things, continuous research is a must to avoid stagnation, “sometimes I see fashion designers repeating their collections over and over again due to lack of research”, we are told, “I don’t believe that you should be constricted, it just happens, like this skirt just happened. Design is something internal but it should make sense too and be doable”. I’m aware that everyone is different and I’m interested to see how people put my designs together. Be it classical or with casually with cool jeans. Everyone has their own thing. People should interpret my designs in their own way”.

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