Create the look of Elissa’s Smokey Eyes Make-up:

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Create the look of Elissa’s Smokey Eyes Make-up:
1. Fill your entire eye area with a light nude color. Powders blend the most easily over other powders and using this base will make it easier for you to apply the darker colors.
2. Line your bottom eyelid with the lining pencil. Only go halfway if your eyes are smaller. Blend it then with your fingertip.
3. With the liner brush, go over the line with the darker color. The idea is to make the line really smudgy and to take the hard edge away leaving a shadowy definition. Take the shadow about two-thirds of the way.
4. Tilt your head back slightly and raise your eyebrows. Look out for the natural shadow on your eye where the bone of the eye socket is. Using this natural guide, darken with the middle tone. Don’t go the entire way.
5. Blend over the eye socket. When you are happy, blend your dark shadow over the top of the middle one to give depth.
6. Line the top lid with pencil or liquid eyeliner.
7. Add as much mascara as desired. OK, let me qualify that statement. Try to avoid it looking like there are spiders crawling over your lids. Comb your lashes through to keep them well separated.
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