Crazy Thoughts we all have at the End of each Ramadan!


The end of Ramadan is near, that comes with some thoughts and concerns that we all share. We’re torn between being unable to let go of the Ramadan things we got so used to, and honestly wanting it to be over with because we’re exhausted and dehydrated beyond repair.

Ended quickly

That ended Quickly!

This happens every single year. At the beginning of Ramadan, we can’t believe we have to fast for 30 days, and there comes a point when we doubt we can go on! However, towards the end you can’t believe the month is almost over. Wasn’t it the first day of Ramadan just a couple of days ago? What?

Midnight snack

Does this Mean I don’t get to eat in the Middle of the Night?

Only during Ramadan is it OK to wake up in the middle of the night to eat. For the remainder of the year, it’s just sad. You tiptoeing to the fridge, grabbing onto anything you can eat, is a lot less acceptable than Sohour gatherings. If it’s not Sohour, it’s frowned upon.


No More Atayef?

With Ramadan comes delicious food! And desserts are extra sweet, crispy and creamy during the Holy Month. The most famous are atayef and they simply disappear after Ramadan! The farewell is hard…


What will I do without all the TV Series

After watching the same series everyday for a month, you get attached to the characters. You wonder what you will do with your time after Ramadan, and how much you’re going to miss your favorite characters.


A list of the Desserts you didn’t have the Time to Try

Every Ramadan we hear all about the creative desserts that pop up, but we never have a chance to try them all! You sadly start making a list of the things you wish you had tasted.

Working hours

Does this Mean we go back to Full Working Hours?

This might be what people will miss most about Ramadan; the short working days. The first day after Eid is the hardest, but we know we will survive. At least we can have coffee to help us through it.

Slack off

We No Longer have an Excuse to Slack Off

Blame it on Ramadan! All month we used fasting as an excuse to get away with how sleepy we look throughout the day. Whether at work or at home, Ramadan was the best excuse.



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