Contemplating in Cairo – Vol. 22

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You’ve been feeling a little blue the past few days. You can’t wait till you get your salary or allowance or whatever your source of income is. You hold the money in your hand, get into your car and race towards the beauty salon to get your hair coloured. In another scenario, you race towards the mall and do some shopping!

It’s amazing how a few highlighted strands in your hair or a new pair of sexy pumps can make a woman feel!

In a phenomena that has been given many different names, including “retail therapy” and “shopaholicism”, women have found an outlet for their frustrations, sorrows and restlessness. It’s good for us. We like it and we do not need to explain ourselves (unless it’s obsessive behaviour, which is a different topic for a different day).

Elayne Boosler; an American comedian, once said, “When women are depressed, they eat or go shopping. Men invade another country. It's a whole different way of thinking.”

Humans in this day and age need to let their frustrations out, especially with the pressures this modern way of living puts on us. Men and women take different courses of action in that regard. No-one ever questions men when they spend 5 hours washing their cars, or when they buy ridiculously expensive yet useless electronic gadgets or drive around aimlessly in the streets through the night. They just do when the mood is right, or when the mood is wrong for that matter.

Women let it out differently.

When we feel like we don’t have much control on what is going on in our lives, we colour our hair.

When we need to break the mundane routine and make a little change in our lives, we buy a pair of pumps and show them off.

When we are restless and require some soothing, we get a pedicure and add a hot colour to our nails.

This is just how women roll!

Some say women act this “crazily” because we mood swing. It is believed by some that we are an impulsive gender that acts before rationalizing matters and, thus, just spends money. By digging a little deeper into the nature of women, this theory is proven untrue. We are far from impulsive; if we were, we’d be spending a whole lot more!

Modern women in these tough times are put under tremendous amounts of stress; starting with work, going through to the endless list of pressures put on us by society, and ending with our families, where sometimes we juggle as many as 3 of them at a time! When a new pair of shoes is all a woman needs to help her deal with all that pressure, just let her have it…

Call it mood swinging, call it a need for a change or call it a fake feeling of satisfaction, it is still good for us. From minor acts like indulging in a bar of chocolate to the crazy ones that include chopping inches off your hair, it’s all good…

It’s important to rebel every once in a while and do something “crazy”. It’s vital to reward yourself with a little something when you deserve it. It’s necessary to give yourself that boost in confidence with that sexy pair of shoes or that daring shade of nail polish.

Whether we need to get out of a mood, or need a temporary “fix” until we are ready to slay a dragon, or just feel like pampering ourselves a little bit, it’s all good…

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